Happy New Year 2017

Hopefully we have seen the worst of the rain storms and we will have a great spring with some rain showers here and there.  The lakes are looking great for the first time in a few years, and the Delta is getting a well deserved flushing.  Folsom lake will start to come back up after the next few months when they feel most of our rain has past.  That is the reason they have let it drop to make room for any remaining storms we might get.  Lake Berryessa looks great with the water up on the main ramp at Markley Cove resort, they are saying that even if we don’t get any more rain the main ramp will stay open.  The lake has to go some to clear up with visibility in the main body at 1 foot and the Narrows about 2 feet. the temp was 48 in the morning and 52 at the end of the day yesterday 1/29/17.

We caught 1 fish on a tube in the narrows with some bites on a drop shot rig in 25 feet. not a great day but nice to drive around and check out the high water.  we saw many new downed trees and rock slides along the shore line making new structure.  Carp are moving into the shallows as we could see many jumping in the backs of coves. The delta should start to clear up as well with hopefully some nice stripers moving in and the black bass bite getting ready to take off with fish starting to move into pre-spawn mode.

Looking forward to many great trips this year.

Happy New Year 2017

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